Why King James was not a homosexual

“The heart on the righteous studieth to answer: but the mouth of the wicked poureth out evil things”

(Proverbs 15: 28)

Was he?

Absolutely not!

How has the lie re-surfaced in recent times?
A couple of women trying to make a name for themselves so that they could get their articles published.


What facts did they uncover?

None whatsoever.

How did the innuendo start?
When King James came from Scotland to sit on the throne of England, a clerk called Anthony Weldon was elevated to the title of Baron. He was hoping for higher honours in the form of being made a Peer of the Realm. But alas, the ceiling of his social climbing had been reached and was passed over.

When did he allege King James was a homosexual?
Still ungrateful, he was unable to withhold his hatred for the Scots. This eventually came to the attention of King James himself, who promptly dismissed him with only a very small pension.

What happened then?
It all blew over as everyone knew Weldon to be a liar and had received his just reward. He eventually died.

Did the matter rest there?
No, the Roman Catholics got in on the act.

How did they do this?
Ever seeking to discredit the King James Bible, the Roman Catholic Jesuits gladly published Weldon's false allegations and rumours hoping to discredit King James himself, and thereby, his Bible.

Why would they do this?
It's called guilt by association. When the Roman Catholics found they couldn't discredit the King James Bible they resorted to a tactic called "playing the man." (This is a football term used when one side is losing and has no hope of winning, they forget about getting the ball and proceed to attack the opposing players.)

When did they do this?
Twenty five years after Weldon’s death.

Why not sooner?
It takes a while to manufacture a lie and so they had to wait 25 years to slander the good name of King James.

Why is this lie carried on?
Quite simply there is only one reason - to discredit the King James Bible. No-one today could care less whether King James was a queer or not. The only difference is that he was the one who first called for the Bible to be taken out of the clergy’s hands and placed into the hands of the common man.

Why would the Catholics get upset over this?
It meant that one of their schemes would be exposed. They could no longer pull the wool over the people's eyes as to what the Bible said. You see, for centuries they had it under lock and key and could extort large sums of money from illiterate and poor unfortunate people.

How did they do this?
Well, imagine some poor widow who “had just lost her husband. No one likes the thought that their relative has gone to hell. So, the Roman Catholics made up the lie that there was a half-way house” - purgatory where people went after they died.

Imagine your distress and anguish! You can't get to the Bible, which says that there is no purgatory. Even if you could, it would be in Latin.

So, you'd have to take the word of the Roman Catholic priest who would say something like this: "Well widow, we know that your late husband hasn't gone to heaven and he hasn't gone to hell. He's gone to purgatory where the fires will purge his sins and then he can go to heaven where he will be at peace. He's in terrible torment right now and will be for a very long time. However, we know that should we pray some special prayers on his and your behalf, he will get out of purgatory a lot sooner. Now, depending on how much you can afford, you will determine when he can be released from his tormenting fires. "

This is monstrous and wicked! I agree with you.

Now, how else could the infallible King James Bible expose the Roman Catholic set-up?

There is only one Bible that Rome condemns and refuses to let its people read - the King James Bible. This Bible clearly states that believing on the Lord Jesus Christ is all that's needed to be saved and with the assurance of eternal security – that means never to be lost. Imagine how that destroys the Roman priests' hold over the common man.

So, has any factual evidence been produced to show that King James was a homosexual?

Not a shred.

Who else suggests that King James was a homosexual?

The modern day King James Bible Correctors. They may profess to love the Lord but they don't love his word.

(See John 14:24.)

Who are they?
These are people who can't stand to be subjected to the word of God i.e. that is to have the King James Bible as their final authority. They love the glory and praise of men that comes from elevating their minds and opinions over the King James Bible.

Why would they want to do that?
The Lord knows for sure but we can only guess at their motives - fear, pride, money and reputation.

What do you mean?
Vast sums of money are made by Bible collages throughout the world. Innocent students wanting to learn the Bible are tricked into believing there are errors in the King James Bible, which isn't so.

So Rome really loves the King James Bible correctors?

Yes. It helps support their claim that only Rome can properly interpret scripture.

Well, what is some of this shocking evidence that accuses King James of being a homosexual?

1. He was seen with his arms around male associates. Wow! That's dynamite!

The reason? King James was weak in the legs and as he got older the continual pain from his arthritis made it necessary to have a servant or friend to support him.

2. He had males in his bedroom at night. Shock! Horror! The reason? As the target of many assassination attempts, he needed to have armed male guards in his room at night to protect him. Remember that Rome employed Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament with King James sitting on the throne in the House of Lords, above the thirty-six barrels of gunpowder.

How does God see these attacks on his inerrant word - the King James Bible?

You don't need many brains to pull down the King James Bible - just some gossip and few lies will do. However, at the judgment seat of Christ and the great white throne, there'll be much weeping and wailing.

Harley Hitchcock



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