Throughout the Old Testament, God the Father, God Jehovah, God Almighty gave Israel countless miracles to prove he was God.

So when Christ shows up on earth, Christ does the same to show that “… Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs …” (Acts 2:22), and these miracles, signs and wonders continued throughout his earthly ministry.

Indeed Christ was God Jehovah of the Old Testament … manifest in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16) … as the scripture states “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

Early on, Christ outlines what the kingdom of heaven would be like here on earth should Israel receive him as their Messiah (Matthew chapters 5-7).

However, when it became clear that Israel was rejecting him after openly and plainly showing them that he was God manifest in the flesh, Christ switched into telling them parables about himself.

Israel, as a nation, would not understand the parables (Matthew 13:13) … however a few individuals might get the connection between the parable, and him being the son of God, God himself in the flesh … their Messiah … indeed their Saviour … come at last as prophesied.


A parable is an exact, correct, infallible and prefect teaching of a doctrine given in a veiled and mysterious form, for the purposes of confusing, thwarting and tricking, those who treat the Bible lightly, indifferently or for those who would spiritualize the words of God as found in the King James Bible.

But their prime intent was to keep blinded, the Jew that refused to have Christ as their Messiah and Saviour. Parables were deliberately used by God against those who won’t have the truth. This is purposely done so that a man will be rendered blind and deaf if his heart and doctrine isn’t right. (John 9:40-41; Acts 28:25-28).


In the Old Testament, God bent over backwards to help and rescue Israel.

From Abraham down to Malachi God gave them everything – miracles, food, protection, world dominion and so on. But God temporarily closes his dealings with Israel with the book of Malachi, with his scathing criticism of Israel and their unbelief, ingratitude, deafness, disobedience and hard heartedness. God then leaves them alone for about 4 hundred years.


God’s love for Israel has been such, that he has used all manner of means in revealing his dealings with Israel, that is, its past, present and future.  

There is the obscure typology of Daniel chapter 11; the visions of Zechariah; the practical demonstrations of Ezekiel; the revelations of St John the Divine in the last book of the Bible, the plain speaking of the prophets and the so called ‘quaint’ story (which it isn’t) of the Song of Solomon; and signs, wonders and miracles; not to mention Hosea actually taking an active prostitute for a wife accompanied by her children; along with Jeremiah forbidden to marry; and God taking away the desire of Ezekiel’s eyes (his wife).

As it has been said, Israel has experienced more miracles per square foot than all other nations put together in the history of mankind.

Jesus Christ, God himself manifest in the flesh, then comes to Israel as their Messiah, to save his people from their sins, but he knows that in their hearts, that they are disobedient, rebellious, stiff necked, blind and unbelieving … and they will eventually put him on the cross.

Christ knows the whole thing will end in disaster for Israel, with them be scattered among the nations of the world for 2,000 years. However, he knows he will rescue them, as a nation, at the end of the seven year tribulation.

Harley Hitchcock
September 2023


Are there 40 or 41 recorded parables?
Are there 27 or 28 recorded
general parables

“Are there 12 or 13 recorded kingdom
of heaven parables?”

Why is there a ‘seeming’ inconsistency? 

Using The King James Bible English gematria to find hidden meaning and relationships is between words and phrases …

Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness …
a parable for every unbelieving year spent in the desert …
plus 1 for good measure!


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