Is Calvinism the doctrine of Rome?

There are many good, godly, saved fundamental independent Baptists who have fallen hook, line and sinker for the foundational doctrine of Rome. They unwittingly delight to do the will of Satan.

What!!!??? Are you kidding me?

No. This doctrine deals with what the Calvinist would call – the total depravity of man.

Look, I’m not a Roman Catholic, I never will be and neither will my kids! I am a blood washed Christian who believes that the shed blood of Jesus was the full and sufficient payment for my sin!!

Good for you, but Rome still has you hoodwinked. Pray God will open your eyes.

Well, what is this foundational doctrine of Rome?

Well, let me explain. The priest arrives at the bedside of a dying man. In his briefcase, he has brought ‘Jesus’ along with him (you know the actual body and blood of Jesus in the form of the wafer and the wine). Catholics believe that if they can get a bit of Jesus down their necks before they die, God will declare them to be right with him. A type of ‘eat good (Jesus) and be pronounced good’. This is what the mass is.

But how does this apply to the Calvinist?

The Calvinist believes that because a man is Totally depraved (the “T” of T.U.L.I.P.), he cannot of his own free will, believe that Jesus Christ died for his sins. Before he can do this, God must first select him to go to heaven. Then God must make the man ready to believe that Jesus Christ died for his sins.

How does God do this?

The Calvinist believes that first of all, after selecting a man, God then regenerates that man inside.

How does God do this?

God sends the Holy Spirit into the man to turn on the lights, so that he isn’t totally depraved.

I get it, so he’s not so ‘ungodly’ anymore?


 How much of a man’s ungodliness does the Holy Spirit fix up or regenerate?

The Calvinist isn’t quite sure. All they know is that a man can’t be totally depraved anymore, because he’s been regenerated inside.

Wouldn’t they still see that the man is ungodly?

Isn’t that something eh? A regenerated man who is still ungodly!!

 Do they have any scriptures to back this up?

Not a scrap.

Well, how can they come to this conclusion?

It appeals to their natural mind. They make it up. They have no higher authority than their own mind. You see, you can get the boy (Calvin) out of Catholicism but you can’t get Catholicism out of the boy!

 Here’s a scripture they don’t like “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” (1Cor 2:14).

But they wouldn’t see themselves as natural men.  Aren’t they the saved?

Many very well might be. Some aren’t quite sure. The only assurance of their salvation is

their “P”. It’s the “Not persevering, might not be saved Ol’ Boy” syndrome.

 Well, why won’t they see what the Scriptures say?

They can’t. As one wag put it “Maybe God ain’t selected them yet!.”

 What? Don’t a lot of Calvinists use the King James Bible?

Correct. But they won’t believe it. They won’t believe the English. They won’t let God show them. They have the sin of unbelief.

 How do you mean?

They all prefer the Greek or the Hebrew. In addition, when you hear a Calvinist talk, he constantly says “That doesn’t mean that, it means this.”

 Go on

When Satan realized that his Latin gig was up, he had to get the Bible back into the hands of the scholar - the Greek and Hebrew scholar. The college graduate with his first year Greek Primer under his arm would do.

 What’s wrong with that?

Nothing, until you realize that the main reason people study ‘the Greek’ and ‘the Hebrew’ today, is to pull down the King James Bible so they can puff themselves up. If you study ‘the Greek’, you would arrive at exactly the same words that the King James translators used.

 Why do scholars pull down the King James Bible?

Simple. They won’t be subject to God’s words in English. Many want to be gurus. Many want a following. Many want money. Many want reputation and fame. Quite simply, many are Nicolaitanes. They are the people of secret knowledge – the Gnostics. And God takes a bit of a dim view of it all, I’m afraid.

How does this fit in with what we started talking about?
Simple. Ignore the English and don’t study to show yourself approved unto God. So then you can make up fairy tales of a ‘regeneration that precedes salvation’. This is what the Calvinist does. Ignore the English in the King James Bible, put Calvin on the throne and elevate tradition above the truth.

What other reason stops them seeing what God has written in the English?

Quite simply God won’t let them. They don’t have a heart for the truth. They won’t believe God’s words as written in the English and so God makes it impossible for them to see his truth. All Calvinists have shut the door on God’s truth. They oppose themselves by opposing God’s truth. We pray that God will grant them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. 

 Bring it all together for me will you?

The Catholic believes that a man must first be regenerated inside for God to declare him righteous (The Satan ‘Two Step’).

The Calvinist believes that a man must first be regenerated inside to believe and then get saved (The Satan ‘Three Step’).

 Could we say then, that Calvinism isn’t as bad as Catholicism?

No. Fido is still a dog, even though you teach him some tricks.

 How so?

Quite simply, it takes away from Jesus and his work. Salvation is an extrinsic righteousness that has nothing whatever to do with the inside of a man. A prisoner before a judge is declared free and forgiven and set free. Nothing has changed on the inside of the man to warrant his freedom. Similarly, salvation is a forensic act, it is a legal act, it has occurred outside of man without any regeneration inside the man.

So what’s the real crime here? What are you getting at?

The Calvinist would have the Holy Spirit take some of the credit in getting a man saved. God justifies the ungodly not the regenerated (Rom 4:5). Quite simply, Satan uses anything to detract from the work of Jesus on the cross. You’ll find that everywhere today. It’s all about God doing this or the Holy Spirit is doing that. The first and third person of the trinity are getting the glory and not Jesus.

But aren’t men totally depraved?

No. “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1:9). This is the conscience (Rom 2:15). Man can believe, he is not totally depraved. He can choose between good and evil, right and wrong.

 Isn’t belief a work?

No. “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” (Rom 4:5). There! You have it! Calvin’s totally depraved man can believe! His conscience is not tied to his depravity.

 Calvinism comes directly from the pits of hell

(albeit in dress, a wig and some lipstick).

Calvinists would be mortified to see

that Satan loves their work!

Harley Hitchcock

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