There was once a drunken wretched fellow who sold things on the street. One of his many vices was dog fighting, and he was generally seen with one of his greyhounds at his heels.

One day, this man, who was known by the name of Bulldog Tom, heard the gospel preached in the street. He had by this time tasted the bitterness of sin and was very miserable.

He had heard of the wonderful good news that the Son of God has loved him enough to die for his sins, and that if he was willing to believe on him and receive him, he would save him from God’s wrath in hell for the penalty of his sins.

This was good news to Bulldog Tom; he believed it and cast himself at the feet of the Lord, asked the Lord to save him and received forgiveness for his sins. He became a new man and put away his drunken old ways and among other things, his dog fighting went. He began to live as a Christian should with Christ as his Saviour.

So wonderfully did he do this, that some of the other Christians said “Look here Tom, we have been Christians longer than you have, but you seemed to have outstripped us. You have got rid of all your old ways. How have you done this?”

This is what Tom said:

“When I was training my dogs to fight, I did not allow them to have bones. Bones are not good for dogs in training. Sometimes when I was out with one of my dogs he would see a bone on the road, and would go for it, and I would say ‘No!’.

And the dog would look up at me.

Presently he would look down again at the bone, again I would say ‘No!’ and so long as I could keep that dog looking up at me, we got past all the bones in safety.”

“It’s like that between me and the Lord” said Tom. “There are the old temptations, and my old companions inviting me to come along and have a good time with them as before. But in my heart and conscience the Holy Ghost says ‘No Tom!’ and I lift my eyes to the Lord, and while my eyes are ever toward The Lord, I can get past all the old temptations in safety. This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. (Galatians 5:16)”

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