“And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Matthew 19:24)

 Now, surveying the average frequenter at the local Public House, it’s called The Pub Test, reveals the following answers, among others, to the question “What does this verse mean?”

1. “Dun’no mate!”
2. “I don’t go to church”
3. “I gave to the Salvos last time!”
4. “Man! That would be something! Maybe David Copperfield could do it!”
5. “Make sure you give most of your money to the church before you die?”

Now the Pope just loves this verse as a fall-back position should other attempts fail … like

“If you don’t eat wafer Jesus … you’ll go to hell!”
“If you don’t say your ‘Hail Mary’s’ … you’ll burn in perdition!”
“Do your best, put your money in the plate, and we’ll pray to Mary in heaven to see if she has any more prevenient grace left over for you. If not, I’m pretty sure we can get Uncle Bob out of purgatory by next month … if you can see your way clear, to give Mother Church another … let’s say … $5,000?”

Look Dear Reader, let’s not just give Rome’s beloved tonsured leader a hiding, I mean, it’s not as if your basic variety of a good, godly, Independent Baptist, King James Bible using pastor, has any more of a clue, than that of a squashed wombat, breathing its last by the roadside.

Failing to familiarize themselves with progressive order of the three basic dispensations, scripture twisters (2 Peter 3:16) leap from dispensation one with God in the Old Testament, over to dispensation three of Paul preaching the kingdom of God (Ephesians 3:2) … ignoring dispensation two with Christ on earth, preaching the kingdom of heaven works salvation of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

A classroom situation:
“Now boys and girls, the question is ‘How would you explain the camel and the eye of the needle verse’? Yes Belinda?”

“Miss, there’s no need to explain it away by saying the eye of the needle was a very small gate in the wall, and the only way for a camel to squeeze through it, was on its knees.

This would mean it was possible, however, the plain reading of the verse, a camel going through a needle’s eye, says it is impossible.

Furthermore, why just change one aspect, the needle’s eye … why not make the camel represent something else … like a horse or a very large gorilla?

But there’s no need to, because the biggest animal a Jew would know, would be a camel, and the smallest hole they knew, would have been the eye of a needle.

In addition, there is no evidence at all, of any opening or gate in the wall, being called The Camel Gate at the time of Jesus … as this is just a modern interpretation to explain away the miraculous of the Bible.

“Excellent Belinda! Anyone else? Yes Alfonso?”
“I suspect Miss Johnson, that doing away with the literal meaning of the absolute impossibility of a money-loving rich man getting into the kingdom of God, allows rich people to think that they can, with a lot of effort, get into the kingdom of God … you know … like the owner of the camel with handful of hay on one side of the wall, who could entice the animal through a very small gate or opening, while his brother on the other side of the wall, could whack the camel on its backside … with both at the same time … like using the carrot and stick method?”

‘Very good Alfonso. Anyone else? Yes Akeem?”
“Miss, and probably I still don’t fully understand this, but could it be, that for a Jew to get into the kingdom of God, he first had to go through the kingdom of heaven here on earth, before he could enter the kingdom of God in heaven?”

“Very good Akeem, this is getting onto it, but just before you go on, let’s all go over what you know about the three basic dispensations in the Bible, as this will give us better understanding … yes Johnny?” 

“Well Miss, in the first dispensation, there’s God the Father in the Old Testament; which is followed by the second dispensation of God the Son, Jesus Christ, on earth preaching the kingdom of heaven; and the third dispensation of Paul’s gospel of the kingdom of God.”

“Very good Johnny. Now Akeem, what else were you going to say?”

“Well, the impossible works salvation, that Christ gave in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), really alarmed the Jews.

You know, when Christ said to the young man “Sell all you have and come a follow me (Matthew 19:21)” … he couldn’t … as a rich man’s idol was his love of riches (Matthew 6:21). His love of riches, and refusal to give them up, stopped him passing though the kingdom of heaven on earth.

His idol was the love of money, and so he walked away. If he didn’t change his mind before he died, he would have gone to hell instead of Abraham’s bosom. This is why a rich man could not enter the kingdom of God in heaven.

But here’s the thing Miss, Christ would keep all the impossible kingdom of heaven requirements perfectly on their behalf … if they would keep on believing in him as God (John 3:16; Matthew 19:26; 1 Timothy 3:16). Indeed, the kingdom of heaven dispensation here on earth, was even more strict then the Ten Commandments, as Christ came and placed heavy emphasis on the issues of the heart .. that is, the secret sins inside … and in this case the rich man’s idol of his love of money.

“Good explanation Akeem. Anyone else … yes Tiara?”

“And here’s another meaning Miss, rich people today can, and do, go directly into the kingdom of God, as the entry rules for the kingdom of heaven no longer apply.”

“Very good Tiara. So is there a contradiction … can rich people get into the kingdom of God or not? Anyone else? Yes Freddy?”

“Miss, there is no contradiction … only an ignorance of the dispensations. Furthermore, money hungry Priests and Pastors trade on peoples’ fear, and bleed their congregations.” 

“That’s very good boys and girls, but I hear the bell … let’s go over what we’ve learnt today.”
The verse says …

“And again I say unto you (Jesus has already explained this to them), It is easier for a camel (a real camel) to go through the eye of a needle (the actual eye of an actual needle … and this is impossible), than for a rich man (with his love of money Matthew 6:21) to enter into the kingdom of God (although the rich man was able to satisfy the external works needed for salvation (Matthew 19:20), Christ pointed out the secret issue of the man’s heart … his idol of money (Matthew 19:22,24).”

To get into the kingdom of God, there were two standards to be met … external works, and issues of the heart here on earth. The Ten Commandments addressed both internal and external issues, but the Sermon on the mount really concentrates on the idols and sins of the heart. In this episode, Christ puts his finger on the rich man’s love of money … which is an idol.

What Christ was saying to his Jewish audience on the Mount was this …
“My Dear Jewish listeners, yes, your ultimate goal will be getting into the kingdom of God, which is in heaven, but first you have to 100% successfully complete the works for salvation here on earth …. both internal and external, which you will never be able to do, so I’ll do it on your behalf … then you will go to Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16:22) … and wait there till I come and take you into heaven.

Now, just as it is impossible for a camel to get through the eye of a needle …  it is impossible for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God … not because of his riches, but because of his love of riches (Matthew 6:21).

But I, Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh (1Timothy3:16), will keep all the Mount commandments, including the issues of the heart, perfectly on your behalf.

The main points are:
1. There’s no need for anyone to explain away what the Bible says.
2. If the eye of a needle is an actual gate, people can work their way to heaven … like … do your best and God will do the rest … and this is wrong.
3. Dispensational ignorance allows Pastors to get more money from people through fear.
4. All heresies are Bible truths taken from another dispensation

The Bible is easy to understand, particularly for children, as they just love the truth. How about you Dear Reader?

Harley Hitchcock

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