As well as providing answers to a Muslim’s questions about the Bible and Christianity, it’s useful to point out contradictions in the Qu’ran … to show your interest and ascertain how much a Muslim knows about the Qu’ran.  

Just as the Muslim wants you to explain things … Christians have questions also … that you take his religion seriously enough to ask him questions.

Keep in mind that a Muslim is only repeating what he has been told and may not have read the Qu’ran … and your questions can create doubt in his mind … and this can be an opportunity to show what the Bible says. 

1. Muhammad claimed to be the first Muslim (Sura 6:14, 161-164; 39:11-12).

But in Sura 30:30 and 7:172, everyone is born a Muslim and many people are described as Muslims as follows:

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Sura 2:127-133; 3:67)
Jesus (Sura 3:52)
The disciples of Jesus (Sura 3:52; 5:110-111

Solomon (Sura 27:30-31,
Moses the first of believers (Sura 7:143)
Moses’ mother (Sura 28:7)
Aaron (Sura 7:121-122)
All Jews before they went astray (Sura 22:78)
All the prophets were Muslims (Sura 2:140; 3:81) 

2. On one hand, there is a minimum age of marriage (Sura 4:6) …. usually as puberty or fifteen years of age, but Sura 65:4 contains directives for the divorce of girls who are too immature to menstruate.

3. Sura 2:221 forbids Muslims marrying non-Muslims but Sura 5:5 allows it.  

4. According to Sura 2:106 and 16:101, Allah changes his revelations with something better … but in Sura 10:65, there is no change in the word of Allah.

5. Sura 2:106 teaches that Allah causes people to forget his commandments and revelations whereas Sura 6:68 says it’s the devil that causes them to forget Allah’s command not to sit with unbelievers.

6. In Sura 2;122; 2:47; 44:30-32; 45:16, Allah prefers Jews above all people, but in Sura 62:6, he disapproves of them, threatening them with death and turning them into pigs and monkeys.  

7. Sura 3:55 teaches those who follows Jesus, Christians, are above those who disbelieve till the Last Day and Sura 2:62 teaches that Christians will not grieve on the Day of Judgment … but in Sura 98:6 Allah reveals that Christians are the worst of all creatures and abide in hell.

8. In Sura 4:48, 116 teaches that Allah can forgive every sin except ascribing a partner to him … but in Sura 6:76-78 Abraham ascribed a star, the moon and the sun to Allah, but Allah still forgave him. Moreover, in Sura 4:153, the Israelites worshipped the calf and Allah forgave them.

9. Muslims are to get the truth and wisdom confirmed from Christians and Jews (Sura 10:94; 5:47) but in Sura 9:30; 2:65; 98:6, Christians and Jews are deluded!

10. The Qu’ran claims that none can change the word of God  (Sura 6:115-116; 10:65; 18:27-28; 48:23). However even Allah needed to change his words (Sura 2:106; 16:101). 


These are just some of the many internal contradictions in the Qu’ran.  

If Allah can so change his mind, his promises cannot be trusted with certainty.  

The God of the Christians, however, cannot lie (Titus 1:2) and the promise of eternal life (Titus 1:2).

Furthermore, God promises eternal life that you may become a child of his (John 1:12).

Best of all is

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13)


Harley Hitchcock
February 2023





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