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  Dear Reader, if you think that the Greek is superior to the English, have you   considered the following:






If God had wanted the world to read the Bible in Greek, why would he not simply let Greece conquer and rule the world? Then God could let Greece produce the perfect Bible.



Why would God never let the sun go down on the British empire?

I mean why would God go to all that trouble to expand the British Empire? 



Why couldn’t God have done for Greece what he did for Great Britain?



If the Greek language is so expressive and deep with meaning, why would God commit a massive fraud on the world in producing the banal, tedious, boring and shallow King James Bible in English? Why would God give the world second best?



Why does God want the whole world to learn English? Why doesn’t God want the world want to learn Greek?



If the 33, and still counting, Greek texts, which don’t agree with each other, are the perfect language, why would God give us a pathetic substitute in English?



Why would the 1611 Translators use all the languages of the world to produce the New Testament and not just the Greek?



If the Greek Textus Receptus as compiled by the 1611 Translators was perfect, why did they have to correct it in over 1,000 places when translating into English?



Don’t Pastors realise that when they speak about the Greek they immediately downgrade the English King James Bible in the eyes of their congregations? I mean why go backwards?





This may help:

“God allowed Alexander the Great to conquer a few countries around the Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, the Middle East and parts of Asia, but Great Britain conquered all countries of the whole world! The parallel is this - out of Greece comes the smaller, limited and less powerful Greek text, but out of the British Empire comes the perfect English of The King James Bible. The English King James Bible is far more powerful than the Greek! Why else would God have the TR translated into the more perfect English! Was it a waste of time for God to produce a perfect King James Bible?
Who takes their home packed lunch to a smorgasbord meal at the Hyatt?
Who drives a 1927 Model T Ford when they can have a Rolls Royce?
Who jogs in rubber thongs when they can have air cushioned Nike's?”

There are three things to know about the Greek:
1. “Be wary of Greeks bearing gifts.”
2. “What colour is a Greek Herring?”
Answer: RED – Retired Extremely Dangerous!
3. Greek? “It’s dead, put to bed, not to be read, enough said

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Harley Hitchcock



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