There is a literal hell in the middle of the earth with literal flames of fire that burn and is the place for the eternal, conscious and physical torment of all unsaved souls, who at death, shall descend immediately into hell.

Hell is God’s destruction of the body and soul, for those who reject Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Here they are kept under torment until the final day of judgment, at the which, all the unsaved dead will appear before the great white throne, their bodies being raised from the grave, and they are to be judged according to their works.

After which, all shall be cast into the lake of fire for everlasting torment with the devil and his angels. Hell is not Satan’s kingdom, as he is the god of this world.

After the millennial reign (Christ’s one thousand year rule on earth), hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire.

Literal hell: Amos 9:2; Ezek 26:20,Eze 31:13,Ezekiel 31:16-18 ,Ezekiel 32:18-21,22-25,26-29,30

Literal flames of fire: Luke 16:24

God’s destruction: Matt 10:28, Mat 25:41

Great white throne: Rev 20:11-13

Bodies raised: John 5:28

Judged according to their works: Rev 20:12

Cast into the lake of fire: Rev 20:10,Rev 20:4

The god of this world: 2 Cor 4:4

Millennial reign, one thousand years: Rev 20:3-6,7

Christ’s 1,000 year rule on earth: Rev 19:15

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Harley Hitchcock


QUESTION: Why do sinners suffer in hell?



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