Dear Reader, there are many trying to detect who will be the coming Antichrist. The following may help …

1. He will be a type of Solomon (a Jew) … being one of the foremost figures, if not the prime mover, in the preparations of the re-building the temple (read the article called “666 – Who is this Man?”). Dear Reader, get cracking and do some research!

2.  Antichrist “…shall confirm the covenant (of peace) with many for one week (7 years) …” (Daniel 9:27)

 Ooops! Too late if you are still here. It will mean you were a pretend Christian.

He will not be Christ who comes with a sword! (Revelation chapter 19).

Read the article “666 – Who is this Man?”

3. Called the “… prince of the covenant …” (Daniel 11:22)

4. Called “… the prince of the people …” (Rome and Europe … called the Roman Catholic Club … “and shall come to destroy the city …” of Jerusalem  (Daniel 9:26)

5. “… by peace shall destroy many” (Daniel 8:25)

6. “… he shall come in peaceably …” (Daniel 11:24)

7. “ … obtain the kingdom by flatteries.” (Daniel 11:21)

8. “ … shall scatter among them (the nations) the prey, and spoil, and riches: …” (Daniel 11:24)

9. “ … shall become strong with a small people.” (Daniel 11:23)

The Vatican is listed as having the smallest population of the fifty-one nations in Europe … at 764 (June 2023). Antichrist will have the backing of the Vatican.

 10. He will be a Jew “… neither shall he regard the God of his fathers …” (Dan 11:37-38)

Antichrist will be like the man described by his neighbours on TV … after the police arrest Mr Johnson … for many crimes of murder, torture, deprivation and evil.

 You know … “Oh! Not Mr Johnson! … we had no idea … he was such a lovely man … he was ever so friendly … gave the kiddies lollies … and he always had a smile … and always had a peaceful look about him … pitched in and helped everyone … We’re all shocked! Unbelievable! He was everybody’s favourite!”

 Antichrist comes as a man of peace with lots of ‘goodies’ … everyone’s a winner. He will be a puppet of the Vatican … a Vatican supported Jew.

Antichrist … the man of deception who will come to deceive the deceiver … Israel … Jacob (Genesis 27:12)

Of course we are all familiar with the abominations of desolations he brings after three and a half years … midweek (Daniel 9:26-27;11:31-34,35-38,39-42,43-45)

 Harley Hitchcock

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