It’s a negative book that could be called ‘The Book of Human Collapse’


It’s a book that speaks of ‘the law of sin’ and ‘the law of death’ way before we read its words on ‘the law of the spirit of life’ and ‘the law that frees me from the law of sin and death’ (Rom 8:2).

The Bible destroys the theory of evolution as no evolutionist can explain death! Quite simply, you don’t get better with age, you just get older and sicker, and then you die or get killed.

It’s also a well known fact that evolutionists can’t name one scientific fact.

They hate the Bible because it deals with scientific facts and not philosophical fiction.

For those who can think straight, they know another name for evolution it is

“A Fairy Tale for Grownups.”


I mean really after a certain age, we all know that Santa doesn’t live at the North Pole and he doesn’t climb down every chimney in the world on one night of the year.

 But these people who are awake to the fact that Santa is a fraud, would have us believe that we all came from nothing over 15 billion years. They believe anything is possible if you add a few more zeros to a number.

As someone said “Evolution is just a flimsy religious myth so constructed to make ego-centric people independent of their Creator, so they do not have to give an account for their sins to God.”

Others, when the scales have been taken from their eyes, and they have seen the lies of evolution say “It’s an imaginative belief system that is a denial of man’s history.”

And what is that history? Man’s history is “The Tale of Human Collapse”.

Now the first and basic fundamental of this pagan religion has been brilliantly captured by a Dr Shadduck who described evolution as “From Puddle to Paradise”.

No man gets better and better till he reaches perfection – just the opposite, by ending up as worm food in a hole in the ground.

Evolution is a belief system for disobeying God via positive thinking.


First, the King James Bible is a history book.
It’s the history of a perfect creation of heaven and earth, man’s fall into sin, God’s plans of redemption for man, including God himself manifesting as a man, dying for the sins of the whole world, ending in the seven year tribulation, followed by one thousand years of perfect peace on earth, followed by the complete destruction by fire of the universe, followed by the creation of an entirely new universe, that is, a new heaven and a new earth.

Second, the King James Bible …
is not a book of morals; standards to live by; eating Jesus in the sacraments; going to church; getting baptized; obeying the ten commandments; individuals weighing up their goodness versus their badness; attaining a level of spirituality; meditating to eliminate the oppression of sin on the mind; earning or working or buying a way into heaven; becoming one with the world; about man becoming “better and better every day in every way”, saying positive mantras; talking in angelic tongues; being good to your fellow-man and so on.  

Third, the King James Bible has complete opposition.
From evolutionists, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, sex perverts, humanists, global citizens, atheists, human governments, religious cults, education departments, religious education programs, do-gooders, sodomites, lesbians, and religious denominations that substitute their Constitutions and false doctrines … and the list is endless.

Fourth, the King James Bible is a book of deterioration and death.
It must come as a surprise to our evolutionist friends, that science has proven that ten out ten, yes that’s correct, 100%, of people die. Of course they choke on their morning coffee that this occurs because all men have sinned.

Fifth, the King James Book is not a collections of stories.
It is not a book of stories passed down through the generations by word of mouth.

It’s not a book that records people sitting around camp fires, smoking the weed, and telling their young about how the universe came into being.

You know “Once upon a time, there was giant serpent in the sky and it fell to earth, and it became one giant river.”

It is not about made-up stories about people, that might or might not have lived, whose actions and words represent some spiritual truths.

Sixth, the King James Bible is one of scientific facts.
It is in complete agreement with the first two laws of Thermodynamics, which are, energy cannot be created or destroyed and closed systems, such as the universe, are running ‘down’.

Entropy is the degree or measure of disorder in a substance, organism or a system. Entropy will always increase and available energy will always decrease in a closed system. This explains the cause of death.

Look around today, the world is running down, deteriorating, collapsing and decaying.

Evolution denies that there was a perfect world that has collapsed, that is, out of order has come disorder, but instead out of disorder has come order.

Seventh, the King James Bible opposes completely the theory of evolution.
As already stated, evolution is a made up “Fairy Story for Adults”.

Evolution was invented so that people who hate the Creator would not have to give an account for their sins to him.

Evolution was made up so that man can become ‘god’ himself.

Evolution is about inorganic rocks and lightning turning into one celled creatures, who in turn become birds and monkeys, that evolved into humans, who can by effort become gods, and then ascend into heaven.

Eighth, the King James Bible is opposed by any politician running for office.
You know, they get elected because they keep telling people “We’re all in this together, and if we all put our collective shoulders to the wheel, we’ll all emerge victorious in better and brighter future.”

As the saying goes
“The bigger the lie, the easier to believe!”

Harley Hitchcock

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