Like unsaved people refusing to get saved, many Christians … yes … saved and going to heaven … refuse to believe what the Bible says.

As it has been said “There are many Christians with intellectual excuses … but very few with intellectual problems.”

That is, most who put forward intellectual arguments rejecting sound faith and doctrine, do not do so because they have a genuine intellectual problem, but because they are unwilling to submit their wills to … firstly, to the Lord Jesus Christ, secondly, to the inerrancy of The King James Bible, and thirdly to have their Christian life radically changed.

These people do not have a problem with their minds, but with their will … and it’s not that they can’t change their minds … but they won’t.

As has been said “While a Christian doesn’t pander to a man’s intellectual arrogance, we must cater to his intellectual integrity.”

The Bible says these Christians are like “ … children … tossed to and fro …” and “… walk in the vanity of their MINDS … having the understanding darkened … because of the blindness of their HEART”
(Ephesians 4:14, 17, 18).

Furthermore, being “… dull of hearing …” and being “… unskilled … useth milk…” as “… strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age …”
(Hebrews 5:11, 12, 13,14

And it perfectly summed up with “… when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” (Romans 1:21).

See that? …” Not thankful … vain imaginations … foolish hearts darkened! Yes Dear Reader, this is the plight of the unsaved … and in this context … the saved!

“Wow!” they should be saying “we are thankful for the Word … and his perfect and inerrant words of the King James Bible!” 

Let’s boil it down … there are hearts and minds involved. You can give these people a truckload of information for their mind, but if their heart’s not in it … it’s a waste of time.

They will not pray “Dear Lord, I want the truth, all of the truth and nothing but the truth … at any cost! I willingly change my mind and my heart to have your truth!”

What STOPS them … and/or … God BLINDS them? 


(1 John 2:16; Romans 12:2).

Harley Hitchcock
April 2023

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The Greek says…”, you can be sure they don’t want to admitI haven’t got a clue what the English says!”






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