This article is for the “Eeeek! … the Oh No! … the Italics Crowd!” … you know the ones when they see italics in The King James Bible, it unhinges their ‘brain’ … and foaming at the mouth … they run off in all directions shouting “I’ve found some italics … they weren’t in ‘the originals’ … they’ve been added …” and so on and so on.

Mmmm! Yes … it’s so sad isn’t it … but there’s nothing you can do to help them … as they clutch their most prized possession, their own intellect, inextricably entwined with their “I’d rather die than give up my wilful ignorance” stance.

A case in point is the “… I am he…” (John 8: 24, 28) … their claim “it

Two minutes of study (ouch! study they yelp) would reveal that in this passage of scripture of John 8:12-57, Jesus is not ready to reveal that he is the pre-Abrahamic “I am” of John 8:58 … that is the God Almighty Jehovah, himself, in the flesh.

Up till then Jesus is detailing five specific qualities (1 - 5) of being the “I am” as the Son of man, which is followed by the two reinforcing statements (6, 7) that Jesus is the “… he” of these qualities. To wit:  

1. “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12) 2. “I am not alone” (John 8:16) 3.“I am one that bear witness” (John 8:18) 4. “I am from above” (John 8:23) 5. “I am not of this world” (John 8:23) … with the following …

6. “… if ye believe not that I am he …” (John 8:24) … yes Dear Reader, the “he” of 1-5.

7. “… then ye shall know that I am he…” (John 8:28) … yes, the “he” of 1-5.

At this stage, Jesus is not ready to spring on them that he is the “I am” of John 8:58 … as Jesus is simply describing specific details of himself as the Son of man (John 8:28). 

Jesus wants the scribes and Pharisees to learn of him as the Son of man … so that “ … ye (they) will know the truth, and the truth will make you (them) free.” (John 8:32). 

In essence, Jesus is saying, will you believe that “The Son of man, me, that I am God Almighty Jehovah in the flesh! … because if you do, you will be free from tradition of Moses. Your Messiah has arrived! Me!”

Now of course they don’t, and vehemently argue with Jesus, that their total sufficiency lies in the fact, that they are children of Abraham (John 8:33-57).  

Jesus then pulls out the big gun to blast them away by saying “Don’t you worry about being children of Abraham because you are now my children … “Before Abraham was I am” (John 8:58) … he was quoting the Old Testament with “I AM THAT AM” (Exodus 3:14).

Jesus was slowly peeling the onion as to who he was … taking off layer upon layer … to finally reveal their total and wilful ignorance that he was the “I am” … God in the flesh.

In re-writing the Bible by eliminating the italic “he” (John 8:24, 28), the “Shock! Horror! Italics Crowd” clearly expose their wilful ignorance of the scriptures.




Harley Hitchcock



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