er … I mean THE BEST TRANSLATION is ….”

Dear Reader, many years ago when I first started to try and work out where God’s final and perfect and inerrant written words were, I knew a couple who had a Christian bookstore.

Man, they had everything in their bookshop… all the books and pamphletts … or at least I thought so at the time.

I thought if anyone would know where the Bible was, this couple would.

“Oh yes” they said “this translation is OK and that ones’ not bad, but the best is the Geneva Bible.”

I only became aware over time, that what they were actually saying was “The Geneva fits our tradition!”

Why? They were Calvinists!

Dear Reader, can you see the switcheroo? The pea under the cup?

Now, no Pastor stands up in the pulpit and states “Our church tradition says this and that.”

Rather … they go the soft-peddle and substitute the word “translation” for “tradition”.

Otherwise, they will be accused of their church tradition being equal to scripture … the masters of which are the Roman Catholics which concocted this dogma at The Council of Trent in 1545.

You see, Bible Correcting Pastors can alarm the sheep in preaching tradition from the pulpit, and so he will deceitfully resort to substituting and using the word ‘translation’.

You know … “Well … the King James is the best translation and we use it here … however Folks, we all know this has come from the Greek … and that’s why our Constitution states that we believe in the inerrancy of the original manuscripts as they have been correctly translated.”

In other words, that church has already made up its mind on tradition, doctrine and beliefs … and simply looked for a respectable reason to back it up.

And so Dear Reader, your Pastor, if he fools around with the Greek and the different translations it can bring, you know you are sitting in church, pastored by a man with a Roman Catholic spirit.

In summary, he wants to get his Bible from Antioch (The King James Bible) but sieved through Alexandrian philosophy (New King James, NIV, NASB etc).

Run a mile … you will not grow in that church!

Harley Hitchcock
February 2024

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