Dear Reader, you decide –
“Yes” or


The New King James Version says …

Would Jesus write
The New King James?

The NKJV has removed the words of Lord 66 times; God 51 times and heaven 50 times; repent 44 times; hell 23 times; blood 23 times; the words devils, damnation, Jehovah and new testament are completely omitted also.

Do you think God is impressed with this ‘bible’?



(1 Corinthians 14:2) The NKJV hides the meaning of unknown tongues by omitting the word “unknown”.

How can you run a seminar exposing the lie of tongues with a NKJV?



(Deuteronomy 23:17) Sodomites hate the fact that their particular sin met with brimstone and fire (Gen 19:24). The NKJV waters down the definition of sodomy. It calls them perverted ones (1Ki14:24) and this gives them anonymity. It calls them exceedingly wicked and sinful but NOT SINNERS!



(Genesis 22:8) Destroying the most wonderful Bible promise that “…God will provide himself…” as the lamb, the NKJV has God do the opposite with “…God will provide for himself the lamb”.

Dear Reader, God himself, the Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross. He did not send a substitute.



(1Timothy 6:5) God says withdraw from ‘the prosperity crowd’ who suppose that their gain is a result of their godliness eg attendances, big buildings and increased income.

The NKJV lets these people off the hook as it focuses on those who would ‘fleece their flocks’ - to whom godliness is a means of gain. Hill-Song loves the NKJV.  



(Genesis 2:18) Hilary Clinton prefers the NKJV, as she can be a helper comparable to him rather than a help, meet for him.

No husband will be her head.



(John 1:3) The NKJV has all things made through him (NKJV) and not by him (AV) which supports the creation being made by angels, not the Lord Jesus Christ.



(Acts 12:4) The NKJV has Passover and not Easter by simply ignoring the fact that the days of unleavened bread (Acts 12:3) came after Passover (Ex12:17-18; Ezra 6:19-22).

An absolute blatant lie by Rome to call it Easter. Do some study!



(Psalm 68:4) The NKJV calls God YAH which is the name of a pagan fertility god. Imagine what Jesus thinks being called that!



(Isaiah 9:3) The NKJV leaves out the word ‘not’ and stops Christ returning to earth at his 2nd advent.

Rome will not have Christ coming back to earth. 




Dear Reader, if you have been honest you would have recorded “NO” ten times!  

The above are just some of the thousands of errors in the New King James.

The NKJV, as an angel of light, is Rome’s Bible for the Christian – it pretends to be a Bible. It is poisonous.


But you say “I’ll chew the meat and spit out the bones.” No you won’t because you weren’t even aware of the above errors. When you read the NKJV you will be ingesting unconscious spiritual poison. You are drinking from a broken cistern. The result? Obeying your wishes, God retreats out of your life and you cut yourself off from his blessings.


Dear Reader, if a cook loves cooking and a sailor loves sailing, doesn’t it make sense that the Word loves his words and the EXACTNESS of them. It stands to reason, that if there is only one God, then there is only one PURIFIED, PRESERVED and HOLY BIBLE with NO ERRORS, the King James Bible.


As we‘ve seen, Rome, the cults and the world, prefer the NKJV’s opposite meanings, lies, replaced words and deceitful manipulations. GOD’S HOLY GHOST AND SPIRIT HOVERS OVER GOD’S PERFECT WORDS IN THE AUTHORIZED BIBLE, THE KING JAMES BIBLE, AND NOT ROME’S NKJV. GOD HATES MIXTURES.


Furthermore, double minded churches have in their Constitutions “We prefer the King James Bible” which is double speak for “We also give our stamp of approval to the New King James ‘bible’”. The King James Bible calls this dissembling (Gal 2:13). It is hypocrisy, pretense and false appearance. It being two faced. They fear the Lord but serve their own gods (2Kings 17:33). They are then mauled by lions. These churches receive nothing.


“The words of the LORD are PURE words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, PURIFIED seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” (Ps 12:6-7)

Harley Hitchcock

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