A Calvinist is a person who believes that God only selects some people to get saved and sends the rest to the fires of hell.

John Calvin was the Swiss protestant reformer of the 16th century, who could not understand the plain English of the Bible, and believed the following five false teachings, represented by the letters T.U.L.I.P.

The “T” is for TOTAL DEPRAVITY which is a term not found in the Bible.

This is the false doctrine that man is so depraved, that he cannot see his sinful condition and call upon the Lord to be saved.

While it is true that all men have sinned (Romans 3:23), it is also true that God COMMANDS all men everywhere to repent and receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour … out of their own free will (Acts 17:30; 1 John 3:23).

However, according to the Calvinist, man is so sinful and depraved, that he has no free will of his own (2 Peter 3:9; John 1:12).

Total Depravity is a lie and a heresy.

The “U” stands for UNCONDITIONAL ELECTION which is a lie and a heresy, and it comes from twisting and perverting the verses of Ephesians 1:4-5 and Romans 8:29. The Calvinists have God choosing and selecting unsaved men into Jesus Christ … way back before Genesis 1:1, thereby totally rejecting man’s free will to choose for themselves. That is, God chose who would go to heaven and hell, a long way before anyone was even born.

Now God had foreknowledge of who would be saved of their own free will, but he did not foreordain and make this to happen … as the verse says “According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world … (Ephesians 1:4) … not into him.

God did not choose and elect to save or damn anyone against their free will. God knew from the very beginning who would choose Christ and who would not.

Unconditional Election is a lie and a heresy.

The “L” stands for LIMITED ATONEMENT. This is the belief in the lie that only a limited number of people will be chosen by God to be washed from their sins in the precious blood of Jesus Christ. This idea is that Christ loved the church and gave himself for it (Ephesians 5:25) … so his blood was only shed for the church. This is false as Christ gave himself a ransom for ALL (1 Timothy 2:6), and ALL have sinned (Romans 3:23) so Christ died for ALL, and he saves AS MANY AS receive him (John 1:12).

Limited Atonement is a lie and a heresy.

The ”I” stands for IRRESISTIBLE GRACE which is a false doctrine and a heresy. This teaching says that God overpowers the sinner and grants him a new birth without his agreement, submission and positive response. As we have seen, man does have a free will, and no one is saved without choosing to believe on Christ as his Saviour. There is no such thing as irresistible grace. God has given all the ability to resist anyone or anything we choose (Acts 7:51; 2 Timothy 3:8; James 4:7). No one is saved against their will, and no one is saved without first choosing to receive Christ.

When William Carey, the Christian missionary, wanted to go to India to preach the gospel, his Baptist Board in England opposed him saying “If God wants to save the heathen India, he will do so without missionary efforts on our behalf.”

Irresistible Grace is a lie and a heresy.

The “P” stands for PERSEVERANCE OF THE SAINTS but this too is false doctrine as SAINTS ARE PRESERVED by Christ. There is many a defeated saint who does not persevere but will get to heaven by being preserved by Christ. Once a sinner receives Christ as his Saviour, that is when he becomes predestinated to be conformed to Christ’s image and not before (Romans 8:29).

Predestination begins when a person is in Christ, and is then chosen to be conformed to Christ. Christians are eternally secure and cannot lose their salvation … their perseverance is another matter for rewards in heaven … not their salvation.

Perseverance of the Saints is a lie and a heresy.

John Calvin made up all these five different terms, not found in the Bible, so he could put his own interpretation on salvation, and why some people get saved and others don’t … simply he wrongly thought God chooses only some to get saved and others not.

In other words people, “Don’t worry about Jesus and getting to heaven … eat, drink and be merry … God will choose you whether you like it or not.”

Surely, Satan is more than happy with Calvinism.

Harley Hitchcock
January 2024

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